UWell Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank Review


Smokstore has the Uwell Crown 3 Sub Ohm Tank listed at $23.50, we received a sample to review and boy were we impressed! 

The original Uwell Crown tank was one of the most well-received sub-ohm tanks in vaping history, and for good reason. The build quality was excellent and in terms of performance it was one of the best sub ohm tanks on the market. The Crown 2 was intended to build on the success of the original, but due to some serious design faults it ended up being a bit of a letdown.

With the third generation Crown tank, Uwell is wanting to reclaim their reputation as a leading brand and I think they are on track.

A Look at the Contents

The Uwell Crown 3 comes in a transparent plastic case, similar to the type used by Geek Vape for their tanks. The packaging is professional with anti tamper tape.

Uwell Crown 3 kit

Inside the box, is the assembled Crown 3 tank, a spare coil-head and a spare glass tube sitting in a plastic holder, and underneath that, a bag of spare o-rings, the user manual, a rubber cap for the drip tip and a crown-shaped metal key.

It will be good to have an RBA section included in the kit but over all, decent quality and on par with industry standards.

Design and Build Quality

The crown 3 is a sexy tank. Colors available include stainless steel, matte black, blue, rainbow and my favourite (reviewing) black. There are nine differently colored drip tips to pair them with, I have the red variant which looks stunning together with the tank – thumbs up to Uwell on a job well done.

The Uwell Crown 3 is made of steel and quartz glass, measures 62.7 mm in length, with a diameter or 24.5 mm, and holds up to 5 ml of e-liquid. That puts it in the large tank category, and if you’re not a big fan of long tanks that stick out of your pockets, you’ll probably want to go for something smaller, if you’re willing to trade size for performance and juice capacity, the Crown 3 Is for you.

Instead of the common Pyrex glass, the UWell have stuck with the same quartz glass that it has been using since the original Crown tank. I, for one don’t see any difference between the two, but many people say they prefer this to the Pyrex. The inner chimney has a totally different design this time around, to accommodate the all new Crown 3 coil-heads and features a helpful ‘Min’ marking letting you know when you need to refill the tank, and finally, the removable base features three large airflow control slots, which can be opened and closed with an adjustable metal ring. The connection pin is not adjustable, so you shouldn’t even think about using this tank on a hybrid mod. And why are you even using a hybrid to begin with, those things are dangerous!

The machining on the Uwell Crown 3 is top notch. All the threading is smooth as butter, the airflow control ring has just the right degree of restrictiveness, and everything fits perfectly when putting the tank together. I’ve only had one sample to test, but if it’s anything to go by, Uwell have really done an amazing job as far as build quality goes.

Getting the tank ready for your first vaping experience is a pretty simple process, except for one minor detail that had me scratching my head about how to take the tank apart to wash it thoroughly – a Crown Key

While unscrewing the base of the tank and removing the massive pre-installed coil-head is about as simple as it gets, the same cannot be said about the top section of the tank you first have to use the crown-shaped key to unscrew a small bolt keeping the fill port and the chimney attached to each other.

Why Uwell felt that having this bolt included in the design of the tank was a good idea, I honestly do not know. Some claim that it keeps the tank together better and that it helps keep everything nice and pressurized, but I’ve never had a tank break down in my hands because they lacked this precious little bolt, and as far as tank pressure goes, other brands seem to be handling pressure just fine without it. Having to use a key – a flat head screwdriver works fine too – to be able to take the tank apart is just over-complicating things in my opinion, and I just don’t see the point but it’s a fun gimmick to have.

Now, you can use the Uwell Crown 3 without the bolt, and the tank won’t fall apart, but you’ll probably feel a difference in the way it vapes. It’s subtle, but it’s there, trust me. Without the bolt, the shaft just opens up more than it should and the draw feels airier than it does with the bolt in.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you have to put a few drops of e-liquid into the coil-head before inserting it into the shaft, to avoid getting a dry hit and burning the cotton wicking.

Lastly, fill your tank with e-liquid, give the coil-head a good 15 minutes to soak up the juice and you’re good to go.

How It Vapes

I am impressed with the Uwell Crown 3 subohm tank performs, both in terms of vapor production and flavor intensity, just blows me away. Uwell has definitely learned from the shortcomings of the second generation Crown, and its third iteration of the famous tank is probably the best one yet. As far as I’m concerned, it all comes down to its new coil-heads and the improved bottom airflow system.

The Crown 3 comes with two coil-heads, one rated at 0.5Ω and another at o.25Ω. They are both massive, not as large as those of the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast, but definitely comparable in size. They both feature large-diameter vertical parallel coils made of stainless steel wire, and have three massive wicking holes that keep the cotton nice and moist even when vaping at very high wattage.

Both coils perform great, but I have to say Uwell are very conservative with their wattage recommendations. The 0.25Ω coil-head supposedly works best at 80W – 90W, but I’ve been using it at about 110w and it’s been performing like a boss. I don’t feel the need for more power, but it definitely seems able to handle even more than that. The 0.5Ω one is rated at 70W- 80W, but it too seems able to handle much more power. I recommend going over their specifications a little bit to really get the best out of these massive coils.

Vapor production is ok at the recommended wattage for both coils, but, again, going 10W – 20W over makes a big difference. The vapor is warmer, denser, and obviously, there’s more of it. Now, if you care more about the flavor, the Uwel Crown 3 actually delivers some the most intense flavor I have ever enjoyed from a sub-ohm tank. Just make sure to leave the bottom airflow slots about halfway open to really get the best flavor possible. For a more restrictive mouth-to-lung vape, you can close the sloths about three-quarters, leaving just a tiny opening on all three sides.

The Crown 3 sub,ohm tank not only vapes great, but it’s also problem-free. I’ve had no issues with leaking, in fact the bottom air lots don’t even have any condensation drops on them, the wicking is very efficient, even at high wattage, and the e-liquid consumption is actually very decent, compared to similar-size tanks like the SMOK TFV8 or the older TFV4.


The Crown 3 tank was a huge test for Uwell, as with the degree of competition in the vaping industry right now, they just couldn’t afford another mistake. Luckily, their new tank is definitely a winner in every way that matters. The design is nice on the eye, it features lots of customization options and the build quality is about as good as it gets. But, most importantly, it vapes like a dream! The new coils are outstanding, as is the improved airflow system, and together they deliver huge amounts of vapor and intense flavor at a low e-liquid cost.

Is the Uwell Crown 3 sub-ohm tank perfect? Nearly – I’m not entirely sold on the locking mechanism that requires you to have the key or a screwdriver on hand every time you want to clean it, and the fill slots could be a bit larger, but the numerous pros of this tank heavily outweigh the cons.

If you’re looking for a new sub-ohm tank to add to your collection and you’re considering the Uwell Crown 3, I definitely recommend you go for it. It will surprise you, in a nice way.

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